Upon receipt of the grave news of the tragic death of our fellow Andriot  ALEXANDROS A. STAMATIADIS, who was a prominent Board  Member of  N.O.A – Yacht Club of Andros, an emergency board meeting of the Andros Maritime Association was convened.

After having listened to the Chairman’s speech, who praised the personality and the moral virtues of the diseased along with his great contribution to the community and athletics of Andros, the Board Votes:

  1. Condolences to be expressed to the family.
  2. The Board to attend the funeral.
  3. On the day of the funeral the offices of Andros Maritime Association to remain closed.
  4. A donation to be made in lieu of wreaths as per family’s request.
  5. Publish this resolution.

Athens, 20 April 2018

On behalf of the Board of Directors

The Chairman                                                    The Secretary

Makis M. Kourtesis                                         Vassilis A. Sarris