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More than 4,000 ship engines caught up in Japanese fuel data scandal - Splash247 Red Sea crisis_ Boxships travelling between Asia and the Med emitting 63% more emissions - Splash247 ABS-Port-Decarbonization-Survey_Trends-and-lessons-learned_2024_04.pdf CSSC’s tech firm and Evergreen trial onboard carbon capture __ Lloyd's List EU mulls Hydrogen Bank funding for maritime projects __ Lloyd's List Cargill [...]

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AMA NEWS 09 04 2024


Brokers and scientists hit out at unintended consequence of key shipping emissions law _ TradeWinds IMO agrees possible outline for maritime “net-zero framework” _ Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide CMA CGM earmarks 100 ships for upgrades - Splash247 LR Presentation - Fuel Cells for Maritime Applications (2024.04.04) Shell-energy-transition-strategy-2024 Teslas of the seas’_ The ammonia-fuelled vessels poised [...]

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AMA NEWS 02.04.2024


GCMD Whitepaper_PAYS Fuel Switch Snapshot_ Gas looks good GCMD CO2 Offloading Study_Key Findings and Executive Summary_FINAL IMO resumes efforts on carbon pricing tools __ Lloyd's List Mitsui responses to Think Tank questions on March 5 2024 NAYTIKA ATYXHMATA New British wind propulsion tech readies for market - Splash247 New firefighting techniques needed for incoming methanol-powered [...]

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AMA NEWS 04.03.2024


Eastern Pacific Shipping enters wind-assisted propulsion space with bound4blue deal __ Lloyd's List European green technology funding for shipowners is a gift for Chinese shipbuilders __ Lloyd's List LR - Managing compliance and optimising operations under the EUs new regime Nuclear Power Gap Analysis Executive Summary NYK teams up with Chile’s Enaex for low-carbon ammonia [...]

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1o shipping forum / Golden Destiny


Το Σωματείο Andros Maritime Association υποστήριξε το  1ο «Shipping Forum»της Golden Destiny,  όπου ολοκληρώθηκε με πλήρη επιτυχία στις 29 Μαρτίου 2018, στο Hilton.

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